Overseas Remittance Limit Information

What is a foreign exchange bank?

A foreign exchange bank refers to the bank that operate the exchange business by the permission according to the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act. "Designation of the foreign exchange bank" means the designation of the bank for foreign exchange transactions in advance for reporting and follow-up management associated with foreign exchange transactions.

Transaction items and contents for foreign exchange bank designation

Foreign exchange bank transaction items and contents
01. Payment without the submission of supporting documents for residents (excluding foreigners)
02. Living expenses for overseas stay
08. Domestic wage, income, or pension payment for the foreigner or non-resident (less than USD 50,000 a year)
09. Resident's investment in North Korea
13. The person who want to receive a local loan
14. Payment and follow-up management of overseas branch establishment, operating fund, installation expenses, and maintenance expenses
16. Exchange business manager
32. Receiving the expenses for domestic branch establishment, and remittance of the operating income to a foreign country
33. Company that performs mutual calculation
53. Resident's overseas security issuance
55. Short-term foreign fund loan and disposal of the foreigner investment company
57. Guaranteeing principal redemption and security provision, regarding the load for overseas residents
59. The person who want to make a direct investment in a foreign country
61. Foreign currency deposit of the resident
62. Domestic security issuance of the non-resident
63. Transferring domestic properties to overseas Koreans
71. Foreign fund loan and disposal of the non-resident
72. Tourism business owner who wants to pay the tourism expense to North Korea
74. Overseas group travel expenses
75. Overseas relocation expenses
76. Integrated fund management of the resident
77. Foreign fund loan and disposal of the resident
78. Overseas property acquisition and disposal of the resident
79. Receipt of the capital transaction by the resident amounting less than USD 50,000 a year

For your information!

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  • For the foreign exchange transaction that needs to designate the foreign exchange bank, remittances without the submission of supporting documents, remittances for those studying abroad, remittances for those staying/studying abroad, and remittances for overseas relocation expenses, the necessary documents must be submitted to the bank, and the designation procedure should be completed before making a transaction.
  • If you have designated other bank as your foreign exchange bank, please visit the branch and change the designated bank before making a transaction.

Foreign Exchange Rate

2023/06/02 23:09:27
통화 환율 정보
Currency Buy Sell
USD 1,328.85 1,283.15
JPY 953.94 921.14
EUR 1,430.27 1,375.01

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