Certificate Management

Certificate Center


  • A cyber ID is required for safely conducting all e-businesses on the Internet
  • Issue/Re-issue Certificate

    • Personal Internet banking for individuals and private business operators
    • For obtaining certificates for the first time
    • If certificates have expired
  • Register/Cancel Certificates Issued by Other Institutions

    • For registering certificates issued by other institutions and banks with
    • For canceling registration
  • Copy Certificate to/from Smartphone

    • In order to use Woori Smart Banking
  • Inquire
    Find information relating to a certificate that has been issued. This information can be sought even if a certificate is not currently available on your PC
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  • Renew
    You can renew your certificate from 30 days before its expiration. You can renew your certificate from 30 days before its expiration.
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  • Certificate
    You can recopy your certificate, change the password, export and import
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Foreign Exchange Rate

2018/12/10 17:51:45
통화 환율 정보
Currency Buy Sell
USD 1,147.74 1,108.26
JPY 1,018.13 983.11
EUR 1,312.62 1,261.92

Woori Call Center

  • 1599-2288 (Dedicated Foreigner Call Center) -> 1(English), 2(Chinese), 3(Japanese), 4(Vietnamese), 5(Mongolian), 6(Tai), 7(Indonesian), 8(Cambodian), 9(Uzbek), 0(Tagalog)
  • 1588-5000, 1599-5000 (Domestic)
  • 82-2-2006-5000 (International)
  • Business hours : 09:00 ~ 18:00, Mon-Fri